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One book can change the way you think about your body for good.
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Meet Kimber Simpkins

Tired of dieting and fighting her hunger, Kimber found in the wisdom of yoga and meditation the tools to dispel the cloud of self-dissatisfaction and the courage to share these vital tools with you. In Full, Kimber wrestles the inner demons of hunger and perfection, discovers her inner best friend, and learns how love can soften and transform even the toughest parts of her heart.
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Big Changes Require Big Grace 

I’m making friends with terror.   You know that saying, “Do one thing a day that scares you”? At the moment part of me wonders if I’ve taken that advice a bit too far. Maybe the scariness means something beautiful and tender is growing, something perfect just the way it is, something a little afraid […]

Moles, and Scars, and Stretchmarks, Oh My!

A few weeks ago, I sat in the grass with a friend up at Harbin Hot Springs under the black walnut trees.  I had just finished some yoga practice and we curled up on the mat, crossed our legs, and shared about our lives since we’d last seen each other. Then we started talking about our […]