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Tired of dieting and fighting her hunger, Kimber found in the wisdom of yoga and meditation the tools to dispel the cloud of self-dissatisfaction and the courage to share these vital tools with you. In Full, Kimber wrestles the inner demons of hunger and perfection, discovers her inner best friend, and learns how love can soften and transform even the toughest parts of her heart.
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Am I Recovered from My Eating Disorder?

It sounds like even though you’re not worried about anything specific and you feel like your eating is fine, you’re a little worried that you’re slightly underweight. First off, that’s a normal and reasonable concern, and it’s good that you’re asking yourself about it. Some days I think about myself as recovered (Yay, my body and I get along great!) and other days my spidey senses remind me that recovery is a lifelong process and I’ll always have to be aware of my relationship to what’s on the plate in front of me and what I see in the mirror.

Go Sit in Your Love Bubble

Dear Kimber, I am so scared right now. Of myself, of gaining weight…of letting go. I know what my body needs and craves. It craves to be loved and taken care of. But somehow my brain has convinced my body that I don’t deserve love, food, or any combination of both.