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One book can change the way you think about your body for good. This is that book.

Meet Kimber Simpkins

Tired of dieting and fighting her hunger, Kimber found in the wisdom of yoga and meditation the tools to dispel the cloud of self-dissatisfaction and the courage to share these vital tools with you. In Full, Kimber wrestles the inner demons of hunger and perfection, discovers her inner best friend, and learns how love can soften and transform even the toughest parts of her heart.
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I Love Your Body

I’m starting a body image advice column called “I Love Your Body.” Because I do. I love your body, even if you don’t. I love your body the way my friends who rescue animals love the dogs and kittens and llamas they take in and find homes for. I want to help your body find a good loving forever home. In you. If you or someone you know would like to private message me a letter that I would answer anonymously on the blog, let me know.heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon ‪#‎loveyourbody‬ ‪#‎fullbykimber‬

Love Your Inner Rebel

What helped me love my body most? Rebellion. My sister remembers it clearly. She was eight years old. I was six. My father, the protein chemist, was explaining biological reasons why women are weaker than men.