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Am I Recovered from My Eating Disorder?

It sounds like even though you’re not worried about anything specific and you feel like your eating is fine, you’re a little worried that you’re slightly underweight. First off, that’s a normal and reasonable concern, and it’s good that you’re asking yourself about it. Some days I think about myself as recovered (Yay, my body and I get along great!) and other days my spidey senses remind me that recovery is a lifelong process and I’ll always have to be aware of my relationship to what’s on the plate in front of me and what I see in the mirror.

Go Sit in Your Love Bubble

Dear Kimber, I am so scared right now. Of myself, of gaining weight…of letting go. I know what my body needs and craves. It craves to be loved and taken care of. But somehow my brain has convinced my body that I don’t deserve love, food, or any combination of both.

Mothers and Daughters

How do I teach my 6 year old daughter to love her body? My mother still openly criticizes her body, so I never had a good role model for body love. My response has been to say nothing about my own body, even though I struggle to accept it. Nothing is better than insults, right? But I’m realizing that my daughter needs more than silence. What can I do to help her love her body the way I wish I could love mine?

I Love Your Body

I know from my own healing that when we feel at home in our bodies we feel at home in the world. I’m here to help you feel at home within your own body. I want to remind you how to enjoy being alive, feeling the breeze on your skin and the spread of your toes in the sand. Learning to love—or even like—your body can be a lifetime of work.

Here are some reasons why you might write me:

Because sometimes you need to be held with more compassion than you can give yourself.
Because you need someone to remind you that no one has the right to tell you your body isn’t lovable… not even yourself.
Because you want to spend your life doing something other than hating yourself.

I Love Your Body

I’m starting a body image advice column called “I Love Your Body.” Because I do. I love your body, even if you don’t. I love your body the way my friends who rescue animals love the dogs and kittens and llamas they take in and find homes for. I want to help your body find a good loving forever home. In you. If you or someone you know would like to private message me a letter that I would answer anonymously on the blog, let me know.heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon ‪#‎loveyourbody‬ ‪#‎fullbykimber‬

Love Your Inner Rebel

What helped me love my body most? Rebellion. My sister remembers it clearly. She was eight years old. I was six. My father, the protein chemist, was explaining biological reasons why women are weaker than men.

May I See My Own Beauty

Watch Kimber’s beautiful body-positive book trailer for Full here: May I See My Own Beauty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBRhNDWmldo So much gratitude to all those who helped make it possible: Kelly Schwarze, Nicholas Domanguing, Kelly Rafferty, Valerie Tookes, Andrea Scher, and Chris Simpkins, and all our wonderful interviewees!

So Your Diet Crashed and Burned, Now What?

It’s frustrating. The diet your coworker shared with you over celery sticks — maybe it worked at first. You followed it perfectly — except for the champagne and cake at your sister’s wedding, and that late night when you ate candy bars from the vending machine for dinner. The scale more or less obediently clicked […]