I Love Your Body

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A radically compassionate body-image advice column for all bodies with Kimber Simpkins, the author of Full.

I started the “I Love Your Body Column” because I see your body as lovable and worthy no matter what.  From my own struggle I know what it’s like to feel like your body doesn’t deserve to take up space.

I know that sometimes we don’t have enough self love to get the help we need most… and that sometimes we believe we don’t deserve help or happiness. 

I know from my own healing that when we feel at home in our bodies we feel at home in the world.  I’m here to help you feel at home within your own body. I want to remind you how to enjoy being alive, feeling the breeze on your skin and the spread of your toes in the sand.  This is a big deal.

Learning to love—or even like—your body can be a lifetime of work.

Here are some reasons why you might write me:

  • Because sometimes you need to be held with more compassion than you can give yourself.
  • Because you need someone to remind you that no one has the right to tell you your body isn’t lovable… not even yourself.
  • Because you want to spend your life doing something other than hating yourself.
  • Because you don’t love yourself enough to treat yourself well.
  • Because you’re told to love yourself but you don’t know where to start.

Write me a letter. Ask me a question. And then ask me the question underneath the question. Share your story with me and I’ll answer it with the love you find hard to offer yourself. 

And hey, I’m not a doctor or therapist, so if you need professional help, I lovingly urge you to reach out for more than the few paragraphs of radical compassion I have to offer. There are thousands of amazing beings out there who go to sleep at night thinking about how to help people find peace in their bodies, who wake up committed to using all of their resources to support their patients, and then go off on their long day of service to help folks just like you find relief in how they relate to their bodies and food. Talk to them. Go see them. Love yourself enough to reach out your hand and let them show you the way.

Email me your question here.

Eating disorder and body image resources to get you started: